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Thursday, 13/09/2018 00:30
Thursday, 13/09/2018 18:30
The winning project of the Puig Porret Prize 2017 is a musical tribute to Leon Theremin, the inventor of the instrument that bears his name. The show will be released at the helm of 2019, the year that marks the centenary of the Theremin patent, considered the first instrument of electronic music. It will consist of a series of songs of own creation and musical landscapes that will draw moments of the life of Leon Theremin and will put sound to the various moods of this enigmatic character. The string quartet Brossa will interact deeply with electronics with their own songs, under the production of the Pinker Tones.

Thursday, 13/09/2018 19:15

 If creativity were a man, he will be Joan Colomo. A multi-instrumental artist, a restless creature of the national indie who has found his vehicle of expression in the protest song: compositions that escape from the world of rock, orchestral and acoustic arrangements combined with socially committed texts. The doses of sarcasm and sense of humor mix with reflections a little deeper. A revitalizing, authentic and amazing project within the music scene.


Thursday, 13/09/2018 19:15

 After signing "Amor a la plaça" (the first song of the summer of the station 'iCat Fm) and to receive praise with his previous album "La línia màgica", the writer and musician Miquel Vilella arrives in Vic with new material recorded between Barcelona and NYC and a euphoric and quasi-glam staging.


Thursday, 13/09/2018 19:15
P.L.I.N.T. (Pablo Lapidusas International Trio) is a project of the Argentine pianist Pablo Lapidusas, together with the Cuban bass player Leo Espinosa and brazilian drummer Marcelo Araújo. It's a musical project where the experience of migration and DNA Latin American of the three musicians seems to be the guiding a powerful musical performance. P.L.I.N.T. recorded in 2015 its first album "Ekaya - Live en Johannesburg ", will now release the second album "Bora”.
Thursday, 13/09/2018 20:00
Toti Soler and Gemma Humet present their first joint album: "Fins la fi dels temps." Music and poetry in its maximum expression as a result of eight years of continuous artistic collaboration. A personal, sensitive and profound way to compose, interpret and voice the poets through their universe of guitar and song: Papasseit, Ovidi Montllor, Mª Mercè Marçal, Vinyoli, Vian & Vence, Brel, Léo Ferré, Brassens, between others.
Thursday, 13/09/2018 20:30

 The MMVV has the privilege of receiving XEBI SF and it’s band just before the publication of it’s new album "De los delfines solo cuentan maravillas". A risky and addictive album in equal parts, conceived with the sole premise of not setting limits on the creation process.


Thursday, 13/09/2018 20:30

 Hey Elbow is formed by Julia Ringdahl (vocals / guitar), Ellen Petersson (cornet / electronics) and Liam Amner (drums). With a background in jazz music and an ear for improvisation and freedom, they create eccentric pop music with high quality sound. A common energy may be the best way to describe what happens when the members of Hey Elbow are in the same room. The band only exists as a unit of three coexisting on stage, in the studio, in interviews, in graphic expression. Their creative process is more intuitive than analytical and doesn’t limit themselves with stylistic movements thought.


Thursday, 13/09/2018 20:45

 José Enrique Morente Carbonell, Kiki Morente, is the son of cantaor Enrique Morente and the bailaora Aurora Carbonell, and brother of Soleá and Estrella Morente. His debut album, like his first tour, is titled Albayzín (Universal Music) and they sound like Granada on both sides. Kiki Morente knows and respects the tradition deeply while looking straight into the present and the future: Albayzín is the classic singing of a contemporary singer.


Thursday, 13/09/2018 21:30
Thursday, 13/09/2018 21:30

 With four albums and a long list of awards behind him, Juan Gómez Canca is one of the most brilliant musicians of the last generation of Spanish singer-songwriters. The one from Málaga has woven an unmistakable sound with elements of rumba, pop and Latin music, which marries the fine irony of his lyrics with a rogue tone and always with good vibes. Creations of poetic repose and vivid melodies that distill a savoir-faire that evokes masters of the song of the height of Caetano Veloso or Jorge Drexler and that have made him deserve success also in countries like Mexico, Colombia and Chile. El Kanka arrives with brand new songs like Andalucía, recently released on its 2018 album.


Thursday, 13/09/2018 22:15
In 2014 all the members of the band El Desván del Duende, with the exception of the singer, decided to start a new project: DIVÁN DU DON.
It is a rebellious planet with guitars, rumba and a universe with its own language, with old songs and new ones, with undoubted desire to explode and flood every corner. In the new adventure Paquillo Levita accompanies the originals Miguel Vivas, Jorge Solana, Antonio Rumbakey, Lupe la Perla and Carlos Jerez. They are a mixture, fusion of the world of the street and the real world. The party, romanticism and fun are guaranteed with DIVÁN DU DON.
In 2015 they publish the album "Las cositas claras" and start their "Gira por las Sombras" reaching all corners of the peninsular geography.


Thursday, 13/09/2018 22:15

 I'm a pianist and composer and they say that I am one of the most original and unique creators that have appeared in recent times in the music scene of this country. I only know that the piano is my refuge. It helps me to express everything that I am unable to say, to be or to feel. When I play I feel that I can be without judgements or labels not need for limits. I firmly believe that music has saved me.

I have presented seven albums under my name, in which I have had the pleasure of working with musicians such as Sílvia Pérez Cruz, Judit Neddermann, Vic Moliner, Alessio Arena, Ferran Savall, Aleix Tobias and Pau Figueres, among others. This 2018 I'm recording the eighth album that will be called M | M.

Thursday, 13/09/2018 23:00
SALFVMAN is Sandra Rapulp and Diego Fertita, a project created with the vision of creating a hypnotic and sexy environment that makes dance at home and at festivals. Voices of suggestive tendència to the whisper and unes versatile guitars put the organic counterpoint. Ambiguous letters that reveal an intimacy full of contradictions, love and lack of love

Thursday, 13/09/2018 23:00
Words not only define us, they also build us. They make us the people that we are. We are made of the words that spring up. We are our words. And those of Alba Carmona are many. Words that accompany her from the beginning of her career and others that have just arrived. Alba is full of familiar words and also, fortunately, many still to be released. She is path and poetry. It is root and truth. Tradition and aesthetics. But also, like art, it is necessity and reunion, rediscovery and beginning.
Thursday, 13/09/2018 23:45
DEIXAAS expands the creative universe of Mercedes Peón in an exceptional way and places it in an exquisite creative and compositional maturity. The live show revalidates its position as an unbeatable musical icon, offering a unique artistic experience, the result of sound universes created from real sounds recorded in naval shipyards fused with traditional instruments and the participation of Mónica de Nut and Ana Fernández. Three women on stage connecting musical crafts and avant-garde.

Friday, 14/09/2018 19:15

 Joan Miquel Oliver will present to the MMVV a new record that closes the trilogy started with Pegasus and followed by Atlantis. As in these two first albums, the graphic art is the responsibility of the painter Albert Pinya who illustrates with success and fantasy these three discs as a result of the happy coincidence of the two Mallorcan artists. The novelty with respect to the first two works is the participation of the keyboardist Jaume Manresa and the drummer Xarli Oliver, the musicians who accompanied J.M. Oliver to the tours of Pegasus and Atlantis, and who now sign together with him the production of this third disc.


Friday, 14/09/2018 19:15

 Marisa Valle Roso, presents Consciente, a fresh, personal work that maintains the colors of Asturian folklore, combined with contemporary sonorities of genres such as indie, author song or pop, and the voice of Marisa, formed in the singing traditional Asturian, acquire an exclusive musical expression.

The album, recorded between Madrid and Asturias, was produced by Sebastián Merlin, winner of two Latin Grammys, and the indie producer Charlie Bautista. The collaborations a luxury, Víctor Manuel, Rozalen and "Pandereteres de Fitoria".
A total of thirteen songs form a varied repertoire in which versions of Chavela Vargas, Violeta Parra and Mercedes Sosa coexist, along with compositions by Alfredo González, Paco Cifuentes, Víctor Manuel, Pablo Carrera and Marisa herself, premiering as well as composar.

Friday, 14/09/2018 19:15

 The job of violinist demands to be very clear about Itzhak Perlman's maxim: "What is learned slowly, is slowly forgotten". Maybe that's why Sara Fontán has waited until now to act alone, after 25 years of living with the violin and exploring its possibilities in all kinds of styles and formats, from classical music to experimental rock, passing through electronics and Dance. It may seem like a paradox, but Fontán says he improvises because improvisation forces him to specify. His violin, amplified, looped and passed by dozens of effects, has the talent to thrill through abstraction, without thematic or stylistic references, granting the viewer the freedom to interpret and feel it in a personal and unique way.

In her year and a half of career and with the premise of not recording albums, only showing her music in lives, Sara Fontán has performed at festivals in Spain, Portugal, Finland and Germany.

Friday, 14/09/2018 20:00
One of the names mentioned above when it comes to the scene of alternative music / pop & indie / folk from Brazil, is LaBaq. She has strength and sensitivity with her voice and with her electric guitar. Launched its debut in 2016, "VOA" arrives at more than 155,000 listeners a month in Spotify, being in the radar of the most refined ears. He has turned to the circuit of independent music throughout Europe and Latin America. In 2017 she added more than 80 concerts in festivals, theaters and music halls in Poland, Russia, Argentina, Sweden, Spain, Uruguay and other countries.
Friday, 14/09/2018 20:00
After four years without publishing a new album, Guillamino closed a week in a cell at the monastery of Poblet. The life between the monks, the atmosphere of the cloister, the landscapes intuited from the window... all these elements inspired a series of practically mystical songs, written from the most intimate and projected to the most infinite. The result is "Fra Júpiter", a project that has been mixed in Guissona with the help of Joan Pons (Petit de Cal Eril) and also has the collaboration of the Cor Infantil dels Amics de la Unió de Granollers.
Friday, 14/09/2018 20:30
Barbott are enveloping riffs, built on an impeccable base and topped by a seductive and mysterious voice. Barbott are curves without belts; spirals that unfold to infinity; repetitions that don’t run out and strange formulas without solution. An alley, an old television and a career that is predicted meteoric.
Friday, 14/09/2018 20:45

 After his celebrated "Folk Souvenir", the Mallorcan singer will present his new work in autumn 2018, repeating musicians and spirit, further deepening in that spirit of experimentation and research that gave encouragement to the starting point of a formidable training that reconsults with each concert the popular Majorcan songwriter with unbelievable audacity and taste. The music of Joana Gomila Folk Souvenir sounds like the landscape. Like the city. There are tons of work, romances, joys, songs and games. Rafel Ginard's reflections sound. It sounds like the memory. They all sound, perhaps without feeling. It's the song and it's the prayer. It's folk and it's free jazz.



Friday, 14/09/2018 21:30
The Neapolitan "cantascrittore" travels in "Atacama" the invisible landscapes of an unpublished Mediterranean songbook, including the experience of a tour of the Chilean desert and the music from there. Among the cultural hubs of Chile, Catalunya and Naples (city-world par excellence) Alessio Arena proposes an emotional journey between the art song and the most visceral world music.
Friday, 14/09/2018 21:30

 Orpheus XXI is a musical ensemble of a professional nature and made up of immigrant and refugee musicians from various countries, essentially of the Mediterranean. His musical proposal puts in value the music and traditions of countries as diverse as Armenia, Syria, Morocco or Kurdistan, among others. Music, all of them, with a common denominator, the emotion they emit, as well as the invitation to intercultural dialogue. Orpheus XXI is born from the homonymous social project that Jordi Savall, ambassador of the European Union for intercultural dialogue in 2008 and Artist for Peace chosen by UNESCO, began in 2016 with the objective of allowing the integration of professional musicians refugees and immigrants and to transmit their culture through an intercultural proposal of pedagogical, educational, recreational and creative action in favor of refugee and immigrant youth with a knowledge or musical talent capable of promoting integration and dialogue.


Friday, 14/09/2018 21:45

 MAVICA is Marta Casanova, a young 24-year-old composer and guitarist from Cartagena. He always seeks to live his life in the most real and complete way, he has gone from one side of Europe to another, first studying in Madrid and then living in Berlin, a city where he not only learned the art of busking, which today pays his expenses, but where he finally decided that his passion was without a doubt music. He made his suitcase and went to London, where he is currently studying Performance and Production at the London College of Creative Media. It is here that MAVICA has shaped "Gone", his EP debut recorded with the help of the musician, composer and producer PBSR and who will see the light in September under the label Hidden Track Records.


Friday, 14/09/2018 22:15

Mercat de Música Viva de Vic will be hosting the premiere of the new record by the guitarist Juan Gómez 'Chicuelo', Uña y carne, which will be released in November. Chicuelo is one of the most relevant guitarists in the current flamenco scene and, at the same time, one of the most prolific and interesting composers of the last generations. Winner of a Goya for the Best Original Song for Blancanieves, has accompanied flamenco singers such as Enrique Morente, Miguel Poveda, Duquende, Mayte Martín, Rancapino, Chano Lobato, José Mercé, El Cigala, Potito and Carmen Linares.


Friday, 14/09/2018 23:00

 The enigmatic Fi-Lyon, M. Zebra and Girafa# form Zulu Zulu, a group that has not left anyone indifferent since they burst onto the Mallorcan scene. African music with pop melodies, progressive rock and psychedelic sparkles are combined in their music. On all these sounds, there are guttural voices that invoke the language of the spirits of music, which make the audience approach the magic of the musical ether. At the beginning of 2017 they published "Defensa Zebra” by the hand of the Foehn Records label, with which they have already managed to make the big jump and get the attention of the public and the press around the world with a tour that has taken them from Chile to UK, through Mexico, Portugal, Switzerland, Slovakia, Germany, France, and many other countries.


Friday, 14/09/2018 23:45

 Onda Vaga is, today, one of the most important bands in Latin America. With its original style stripped, acoustic, pop and traditional roots, get your audience is the most variegated.

In 10 years of experience they have already aroused the admiration and recognition of great artists such as David Byrne, Manu Chao, Andrés Calamaro, Jorge Drexler, Fito Páez among others.
Their live is contagious and has led them to open the concerts of Ringo Starr and Manu Chao in Argentina and important festivals such as Fuji Rock (Japan), Vive Latino (Mexico), Lollapalloooza (Chile and Argentina), Estereo Picnic (Colombia), BBK Live (Spain), Charco (Spain), PortAmerica (Spain) and a very long etcetera ...

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